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Good morning, dear teachers and students:

Foreign Language Arts Festival has been a traditional event in our school since its establishment in 1994. “Foreign Language featured, western combined” has been one of the principles our school sticking to.

Why do we learn a foreign language? As Language learners we think that language is a tool for us to get to know the world, to learn advanced technology. As Language teachers, we hope language can help you , the young people , to form an open , inclusive personality, to spread our Chinese culture to every corner of the world and to prepare you for the world of tomorrow.

The year, 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China, and it is also the 25th anniversary of our school. So the theme of this year is “Share Classical culture”. Besides the traditional activities of Hand-writing demonstration, Vocabulary competition, Speech Contest, Dubbing. There will be 9 stage performances from kindergarten, primary school, Junior and senior Department from the 25th to the 30th .

So dear students, enjoy the stage and show your talent. Now I’m very honored to invite three students to present their speeches to you.





今年是新中国成立70周年,是石外建校25周年,本届艺术节主题为“传承经典 献礼石外”。在过去的三周里,书写展示、词汇比拼、诗歌朗诵、演讲比赛、文化展示充盈着我们美丽的校园。本周,9场具有语言特色的文艺演出将于25日到30日在艺术楼音乐厅演出,希望同学们在集团搭建的平台上绽放青春风采。



Good morning ,dear teachers and classmates,

I’m Li Ximan from Class 2, Grade 8. I am very glad to be here , to share with you my idea about What is Success.

Success is a very general concept, it is around us in the school. For example, winning a competition in school is success , an improved performance in exam can be a success. Even today, when I have the chance to stand here, giving my speech, is surely a small success.

So let me narrow the scope today, what is a successful life ? what does that mean ? People are seeking the meanings of life, they hope they could have a successful life, so when they are old, they would not regret the past decades in life.

A lot of people say wealth and money is success. Those millionaires or billionaires are always in the spotlight of media. They would buy a pair of Apple Watch for their dogs, which cost nearly 100,000 yuan. They can pay 31 million yuan for a lunch with Warren Buffet, while a lot of people still live in poverty in China. They own fleet of luxury sedans, just for showing they are rich. But in the media,  we also see same number of scandals from the rich ones.  The millionaire of yesterday become Laolai of today who doesn’t want to pay their debts, thus are not allowed to take trains or planes.

Other people say influence is success. Some celebrities have millions of fans,  even a few words on social media can make those fans super excited, arousing some kind of mania.

So, what is true success in our life ? In my idea, the success is composed of three core parts.

First, a career or a job that you love and that can provide material security for a family. When you love your job or your industry, you can get more focused and put more resource in it. If you work hard enough, with some luck, you can even make some achievement in your career or industry.

Second, a successful life requires a good value, that you should be a good and nice person. A man or woman with integrity will gain respect and friendship from others, and numerous people with good value will make our city better and the country more powerful.

Finally, I think some personal interest or hobbies or the love of nature is also an element of successful life. The famous writer Wang Xiaobo encourages his readers to pursue a meaningful and interesting life. You can also secure success in your favorite activities, like marathon, climbing the mountain, hiking or singing or travelling. I hope I could have a colorful life in the future.

Above is my idea of successful life. They are also my dreams or goals in my life. To Achieve success, I need to open my eyes with the English language , gain more knowledge of the world, and its history.

Defining success is an easy job , but achieving success is a rather hard one. Success is the endurance that you take with your long journey, you should hold on your dreams even after you failed one time and another.

Success is the strategy that you prepared for your future, You will approach your target step by step while improving your skills and making yourself more competitive.

Success is the deep love in your heart that you cherish for your family, your friends ,your colleagues and anybody who had helped you, and through this chain of love, your success would become glories and even greater successes of other people!

Thank you !


Over the past 70 years, China has changed greatly. From 1949 to 2019, Chinese people worked hard to make China one of the best countries in the world.

On October 1, I saw the military parade. As the soldiers matched past, and the Five-star Red Flag of China rose in the air, the feeling of proudness burned in my chest, lighting a fire in my heart. 70 years ago, we had to fly the planes twice, but now we can tell Premier Zhou En-Lai that it is the golden age as you wish.

My present for China is very simple. For short, it's care for myself, love for my family, vitality in the class and respect for our school. In uniting those simple parts, can we make China stronger.

We show a positive attitude towards life when we care for ourselves. I believe in myself, because I'm always ready to take part in China's development. We need to study hard, keep in good health and take part in social activities to benefit the society.

Love for the family is an emotion as strong as patriotism. Why I say this is also a gift is because the society needs more love to beat the dark side. Love is the strongest weapon towards the evil, it shows strength in numbers. Love each other, love our school, love China.

Vitality is another important factor of a developing country like China. Innovation is the key. Being active in class, is the simplest meaning of vitality. It drives us together to make the world better.

2019 is the 70th birthday of China, and it's also the 25th birthday of our school, Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School. I truly respect every corner of our school because it made me positive, and mature. I think our school can be a great gift to China.

I am gifted by China, so now I want to give a gift back. I sincerely think that we should all work hard to make the world, to make China, a better place to live in.

Happy birthday to my motherland!

I love you, China!

十年级(2)班 陈思羽

Good morning, every one!

I’m Chen Siyu, a tenth grader. It is my honor to stand here. And I am going to share sth about my recent experience in a final competition in Shen Zhen.

Actually, before the competition, I was always seeking the answer to a confusing question----Why should we learn English? To most of us, English is just a subject. A few advanced students may think it is a language. Well, all the answers seem to be plausible, but still, they are not enough.

Fortunately, I believe I ultimately find the answer during the competition. The theme is China Youth changing the world. It was really a fierce contest to grab the precious opportunity to study in Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania during the summer vacation for free.

What I was facing was a presentation with a completely unfamiliar topic ----- Financial Application. Who I was working with were 53 competitors from different provinces that had already been the winners among over 4000 students. Who I was showing myself to were some really scary but great judges.

So you see, this time, English is not a subject any more. Instead, I need to use it to illustrate other topics. I need to cooperate with my group members all in English. And I need to use it to communicate with the judges.

So what I really want to tell you, right here, is that English is never merely a subject, and it is definitely more than a language. It is the basis for us to learn other essential world-wide topics and to demonstrate our perspectives towards them. And it is a way to make friends with our outstanding peers. And also, it is a chance to meet some really great persons, like the judges. And finally, it is the bridge for us, the Chinese Youth, to change the world.

So I sincerely hope every one of us can enjoy the Foreign Language Arts Festival!

Thank you all !